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She was uncomfortable at the wake when Leah warned her VJ had a crush on her and ran away when he tried to kiss her. VJ came to the house to apologise and she accepted an invitation to meet him on the beach where they kissed again, establishing them as a couple. When Leah saw them kissing on the beach, she tried to get Billie to end the relationship but she refused. Tori took her to hospital when she found her with severe morning sickness and Ash overheard that she was pregnant when he picked her up; when he asked her if VJ was the father, she claimed he was.

She was angry when Ash went after VJ, tipping him and Leah off to the pregnancy, but both of them offered her support. When Phoebe asked if the pregnancy was the result of the rape, she denied it and also refused her suggestion to tell VJ about it. Spending more time with the family, she told Leah her mother had died when she was eleven. Leah invited her to move in with the family but later withdrew the offer.

She tried to break up with VJ but he refused to let her and instead they slept together again. Olivia came round with Hunter to apologise and Billie invited the couple to spend time with them. She tried to help VJ study for an essay but Zac felt she was distracting him and ordered her out of the house. He later asked her to stay away from VJ. Billie got him to do the essay round hers where he again let slip that he loved her; after taking her time to think it over, she told him she was starting to fall in love with him too. However, she refused to report it to the police or tell Ash.

Chris asked her to help Irene improve her confidence after her ordeal with Mick by giving her self-defence lessons.

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Billie initially refused, but when Olivia told her and VJ what a mess Irene was she changed her mind, and managed to motivate Irene by talking about what it felt like to be a victim. She then started bleeding and Irene took her to hospital but she was given the all clear and had her first ultrasound. VJ insisted on Billie staying over so he could support her, despite Leah and Zac being angry that he failed his essay, but Billie was shocked the next morning when during another argument he announced he was moving in with her.

However, she ended up agreeing to his proposed compromise — they moved into a caravan together with VJ staying at school — and tore up the note.

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With her amniotic sac damaged in the crash and Billie needing to stay still, the other passengers set up a makeshift bed for her in the crashed plane only for it to catch fire, with Irene and Leah only just getting her out before it exploded. However, this resulted in them being found and after being reunited with VJ and Ash she was relieved when an ultrasound showed the baby was fine. She and VJ began to struggle living in the caravan and she was eager to take Leah up on her offer to move into the house.

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She was delighted when Ash bought a pram for her and restored it, and tried to set things up between him and Kat. Leah dropped heavy hints about using a traditional family name for the baby so Billie decided to use Leah as a middle name. She and VJ had an argument over her spending money and she took a bus out of town, then got run over by Phoebe. She needed surgery on a bleeding spleen but it resulted in her making up with VJ.

When VJ announced he was quitting school, Nate pressured her to tell him the truth. She was discharged from hospital but was unable to tell VJ when she saw he and Leah had done up their room for the baby. Nate then confronted her on discovering she had altered the hospital computer records and she admitted she always knew VJ was the father. Nate threatened to tell VJ himself and Billie begged him to let her do it.

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She then collapsed with stomach pains and was found to have high blood pressure. Realising the stress was affecting her, Nate reluctantly agreed to keep quiet but still thought she should tell VJ. She took part in organising an 18th birthday dinner for VJ, where she gave a loving speech about how much she appreciated him.

When they got home, VJ proposed to her. However, when VJ told him he was moving out to a caravan, she told him to ask her again and this time accepted but asked him not to tell anyone. She tried to distract him with an antenatal group only to pull out when she saw Samantha was running it. VJ then announced the engagement in the Diner but after talking it over with Ash and Kat she began to realise the engagement was a good thing.

She and VJ nearly avoided disaster when they discovered the brakes of their car had been sabotaged and she then found Ash had been beaten up by the culprit, Simmo. She convinced Ash to go to the police rather than let Simmo blackmail him into working for him. She refused to have bridesmaids and groomsmen at the wedding, not wanting her friends there looking attractive while she was pregnant. When VJ started arguing every point of the wedding plans, Billie threatened to call the wedding off until he backed down.

She went to a hen party that Marilyn threw for her but felt guilty when Marilyn made a speech praising her integrity and she heard VJ and Leah discussing her in glowing terms. She told him she had been raped but claimed not to know who by.

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VJ went away with Leah and Zac for a while, with all of them and Alf telling Billie she should stay at the house while they were away. She and VJ discussed baby names but Ash was bewildered that they intended to give the baby the surname Patterson. They decided to elope to prove they were serious, but on their way to the registry office Billie had stomach pains and worried she was in labour. At the hospital, she was told she just had sciatica, but it was enough to make them cancel the elopement.

She chided Ash for acting strangely whenever Leah mentioned the baby and was horrified to find him and Phoebe comparing notes on the rape. She was uncomfortable when Leah gave her money from her parents for the baby and around Irene, then horrified when she learned Mick had been released, trying to get Irene to appeal the decision then hallucinating seeing him around town and having a panic attack.

VJ asked if Mick was the father and she denied it. However, after a chat with Ash about being honest, she admitted the truth but VJ was unhappy about the lies. She also told him about altering the computer records and asking Nate to keep quiet, then went into labour. However, as she and VJ were driving to the hospital the car broke down. When they were threatened by a bush fire, VJ carried her to safety but at the hospital it was found that her airway was collapsing. Nate wanted to give her a caesarean but she insisted on a natural birth, although she had to be intubated afterwards.

They named the baby Lucinda, or Luc, after her brother. Before they could, however, Billie was sent into a panic when Mick turned up at the hospital and asked if he was the father. When Mick subsequently kidnapped Luc, Billie revealed the truth to everyone. Luc was soon recovered and Billie invited Irene, who had helped retrieve her, to be her nan alongside Leah. In the lead-up, she kept having coughing fits but soldiered on even when she was coughing up blood.

However, after the ceremony she collapsed.

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