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In A-ha released their second reunified album Lifelines. A hotchpotch of tracks produced by a multitude of producers in as many studio locations.

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The lilting title track was released as was Forever Not Yours but no such fortune would shine on probably one of their strongest ballads. Fast forward to and more of the same ill-advised shenanigans from Foot of the Mountain. The slightly twee title track had been a single and failed to scale any heights. The path was clear to make amends with the follow up. The so called Wedding album had re-established Duran Duran for the nineties.

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Lead off single Ordinary World came close to the being the finest thing the Hollies never did and the stupendously sombre Come Undone was even better and unlocked the top 20 as easily as they had done the previous decade. What happened to summer? Moving forward and fellow eighties pop connoisseurs A-ha were not alone in their new century reformation; the famous five or classic line up of DD reconvened to record Astronaut.

As with the wedding album, two singles were pulled from it and had almost identical chart merits. Cue history repeat and.. One can only surmise that the singles were not selling in the quantities the record company would have preferred. We were now into file sharing territory. To some strange behaviour, to others good business sense.

As with all mentioned here, we will never know. In reality it was wasted as a b-side to Kyrie. The record was brim full of pop beauties, this being one, A Million Colours another but it sank with little promotion and the second, Lighthouse, limped out without much fanfare either. A major shame. Staying with great synth-pop, this time from New Zealand.

According to the band it barely made the album — for me an astounding admission. It of course was and is a sure fire winner, warm as a red sweater and above all short, so it never gets boring.

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Endearing as it is beautiful. The Taxi album from yielded three singles.

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Rescue Me however is a stunner cover of the Fontella Bass hit that sounds light years away from it. Not surprisingly Ferry has, as if in a test tube filled laboratory of cool, transformed it into a laid back groove imitators can only admire with I imagine consummate envy! Sadly it remained an album cut but one of its strongest.

On a plane in the early eighties. It was the beginning of an age of discovery that would last the rest of the eighties. Despite being forever mocked for his very successful Lady in Red he is capable of atmosphere on this rain swept ballad and his powerful larynx is not unlike John Foxx; particularly on his song Systems of Romance from The Garden album coincidently released a year earlier and the b-side A Woman on a Stairway. A time of temporary debauchery has — for now at least — come to an end and the love interest is on the way back to wherever she came from and to whomever she is attached to.

This esoteric phenomenon would occur in my record collection many times over the ensuing years.


Whatever your thoughts of him, Crying and Laughing remains a haunting slice of Euro-cool. As mentioned above CR made commercial windfall in Europe. For Experience Sake was another blow to an already baffling tale of why are bands this good not bigger?

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It may seem familiar to those that chance upon it due to its chord sequence yet if anything that made it all the more likely to succeed! This was by no means unsuccessful as it made the top 10 in a few countries but the cool Chic-like groove of this shone bright, however it remained a light in the dark; lost on the flip-side of Once We Might Have Known in the States.

Its history in the Cock Robin story is an interesting one. LaCazio again guested, the first time she had done so in almost a decade which would eventually led to their reunion.

Both versions are great but the CR version stood more chance of being a hit, another that never was. In the nineties, save the ill-fated Marigold Sky with Oates, Hall recorded two solo efforts.

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The first of those was Soul Alone; a stab at classy soul which again left a bit of a void though it did contain some hints at past glory. The second however was absolutely gorgeous. Lurking amid all of this was a standard love song but a pretty one and one which deserved to be heard beyond the album, Something About You. While it was at least on a single Jesus He Knows Me , albeit the wrong side of it, this could have been huge if attached to a film albeit probably more so in the States than at home.

Nonetheless, this is Genesis sounding playful, skilful and above all commercial! A missed opportunity. Fiction may well provide the answer. Susan, 23, from London's opening gambit is: 'Would you rather have your commute narrated by David Attenborough or your internal monologue by Morgan Freeman? Will swipe left for: Anyone who seems arrogant. Student Bex, 20, from London is after someone with a sense of humour who will appreciate her funny GIFs. Will swipe right for: A really good smile.

Lauren, 32, London: Social media consultant. Born and raised Londoner. I've defo had more dates through the app than I have off of it, let's put it that way. I dip in and out of it from one month to another. I'm looking for somebody genuine, cheeky and considerate, who is also partial to a cheeky Nandos.

Will swipe right for: Dark hair, light eyes, a bit of stubble and a cheeky smile. Lauren, 32, from London gets the conversation started by asking about people's favourite crisps. Ellie, 22, London: Student. It was a cool adventure. Pablo, 34, from London, a Head of Trading Services isn't a fan of selfies and lots of make-up. We sacked the game off halfway round the course because we were just getting on so well.

Will swipe right for: Pictures of dogs. Will swipe left because of: Overly-posed pictures. Brand partnership manager Ciaran, 24, from London is a sucker for pictures of dogs. Best date: We went to a gin-tasting. Pretending to notice the subtle differences was fun.

Will swipe right for: Nice eyes, nice skin and a funny bio. Student Callum 23, from Manchester jokes about being a stunt double for Shirley from Eastenders. Will swipe right for: Cool stuff. Anything that's not just five selfies. Will swipe because of: Pictures with Snapchat filters. Londoner Vincent, 23, who is currently studying in Bristol likes to find out interesting facts about his potential dates. David, 26, Bradford: Compliance worker.

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Mistymelody2 from hayes, middle best hookup website uk The courts may also popular local night spot, and public health concerns about Tinder, it assesses. Hookup Spots in Hayes, Middlesex, United Kingdom, supplied by locals. With links to messageboard, map, shops, pubs, services.

I want to travel more. Best date: A spontaneous trip to Go Ape. Is that a hint? It all got a bit crazy. Dancer in Riverdance and have travelled the world touring. Now teach kids. Primary-school teaching degree with German. Love all sports; athletics, football, tennis. Animal lover — especially dogs! We walked on Brighton pier at sunset. I was due to fly out that night, but changed it last-minute. Will swipe right for: Someone physically active.

Irish dancer, Brian, 28, who is originally from Tipperary would like to meet someone who is also physically active.