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I also went for a maximum radius of 30 kilometers. Then it is just a case of looking through the profiles of your prospective partners and swiping right on their photo if you fancy them and left if you don't. If you both swiped for each other, it's a match and you can then message each other.

If you really like someone, you can give them a 'super like' and there are up to three super likes to use per day. There is also a cap on the amount of profiles that you can vet in one day, but you can pay for an unlimited account should you so wish. This means there are no caps on the amount of swipes you can have, and in theory more opportunities to find a match.

For the past week I've been diligently scrolling through the guys in my area, and have made these observations along the way. Describing yourself in a small set number of words is difficult, unless you're a complete narcissist. It's the opportunity for you to sell yourself and add your interests, but summing all that up without sounding cocky isn't easy. In the end I asked my friends how they would describe me and went with that, as well as adding that I like to travel, which is true, and also explains the pictures I used, which are taken all over the world.

Looking through the profiles, I was a bit put off by guys who didn't include a bio, as it means that you are purely judging them by their pictures and don't really have much to go off if you want to start chatting. However, I was pleased by one of the profiles I saw where a man had included quotes from people on their opinions of him. One of the lines read "He's a lovely lad and always keeps his room tidy - Mum" and that made me chuckle.

There were also a couple of profiles that just listed emojis of what the guy was interested in, which I thought was quite a nifty thing to do. So as, let's face it, the main thing you judge people on is how they look, it's important to get your picture right. I witnessed a vast array of wildly differing images, from almost nudes to no picture at all, so there is clearly no set template. One man had pictures of pizza as his profile image, so maybe he was going for a "foodie" kind of gal, but it didn't work for me.

I was also put off by pictures of lads in groups - I couldn't be bothered to work out who the actual Tinder guy was.

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One picture that did bring a smile to my face though was a man kissing Hull's very own bee lady on the cheek. I mean really, who could resist? That guy is definitely going places. I also liked the pictures of men with dogs so cute and action shots of guys doing a hobby such as wakeboarding, running or bike riding. The images taken with children in them put me off, despite protestations that the lad in question was 'only the uncle', as you never know, and I'm not ready to take on kids as well as a new partner.

I also didn't like the topless pictures of guys with very well defined abs - there is no way that I go to the gym that much and it just made me feel very inferior. Happily I didn't get any rude snaps sent as the app doesn't allow you to send pictures in the messages - for that to happen I would have to add them on another form of social media such as Snapchat or Instagram.

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I got some offers to connect via this medium, but declined. I've had a busy schedule this week, so I didn't actually meet up with anyone, but have done when using Tinder before. However, they didn't go too well. One memorable 'date' was when I went for coffee with a guy, and pretty much at the point of meeting him decided that he wasn't for me. However, we had prearranged to feed the ducks in a nearby pond with bread that he brought. I politely went along with the plan until he suggested pushing out the centre of a slice of bread so that only the crust remained in order to play what he labelled 'hook a duck.

Anyway, I digress. Local Charities. National Charities.

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Yeovil and Dorset dating website for single men and women in Yeovil and surrounding the online dating site for sociable local singles in Yeovil and across the UK on the town (not that the clubs are any good in yeovil)Ill try anything once. Find groups in Yeovil, England about Singles Social Club and meet people in your local community who share your interests.

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